How To Tell The Difference Between Real Psychics and Fake Psychics

How To Tell The Difference Between Real Psychics and Fake Psychics

There’s no governing body to license or verify the veracity of any psychic. Unfortunately, this means that psychic consultations provide ample ground for scammers and fakes to divest you of your money. If you want a psychic’s help but don’t want to get scammed you need to look out for some very common “trouble signs” so you’ll know whether you are getting the real deal or not.

Someone in Your Life with a “J”

Most fake psychics like to start with cold readings. These readings work in several different ways. First, they often rely on broad, general information that could apply to anybody. The psychic might say, “I sense a great disappointment in your past,” for example. This works because there are few people who haven’t had a disappointment in their past. Often, the “mark” will help the psychic out by divulging all sorts of information about that disappointment.

Another method includes adding details meant to impress you, like, “And I sense a person who is very important in your life, something around the letter J.” J, M, and S are very common consonants for starting both male and female names, making them very safe bets. Again, the “mark” often helps the psychic along by blurting out something like, “Joan!” or “Mike!” The psychic gets more information and, by the tone of your voice, more clues about you. By the time the faker is done you might feel as though the psychic “knew” amazing things, never realizing that you told the psychic those things yourself.

If you pay a mere $20 for a reading this may not be a huge deal. You won’t get any real information that could help you alter the direction of your life, but you also won’t drain your life savings. The reading might be entertaining, or at least harmless.

Curses and Negative Souls

The real harm comes when the psychic starts running an active scam on you in an attempt to get you to part ways with very large sums of money. The most common scams involve psychics who tell their marks that they are the victim of some sort of curse. This plays on the fear instinct. Some psychics also play on the guilt instinct by telling the mark that they are a “negative soul,” someone who has a lot of bad karma to work out, someone who won’t be able to have a good life unless they can somehow be cleansed. How fortunate that this psychic is here to help!

They will generally ask for an up-front amount, usually several hundred dollars, to sell you cheap, useless materials that are all part of the “curse breaking ritual” or “soul cleansing ritual.” Then they may charge you a higher fee, in the thousands, to “dispose” of those materials. If you balk they’ll predict all sorts of dire things. They will usually tell the mark not to tell anybody about the curse or the negativity so that their special magic can work, or so that “other people don’t become infected.” This isolates the victim and keeps them from seeking a more realistic perspective.

Actual Psychics Who are Unethical

Don’t assume that every psychic who avoids cold reading and who can actually do a good job with their psychic tools isn’t out to scam you. There are some actual psychics with real power who are extremely unethical. They are more than willing to scam you.

The signs are asking for more money, using fear, guilt, and intimidation, and attempts to isolate you. It doesn’t actually matter how good the reading is if those problems are present, as they will lead you to unhealthy places to begin with.

What Real Psychics Do

Real psychics seek to empower you with information. They point out patterns, tendencies, and issues. They also offer ways that you can meet those challenges while offering insight into your strengths. Real psychics may tell you what could lie in your future, but they will always stress that these things are your choice. While they may sell products like cleansing baths or healing crystals they won’t try to pressure you into buying them. They’ll simply offer them as part of a round of recommendations.

Real psychics don’t try to guess people’s names or make broad statements that could apply to anyone. Instead, they are able to give you specific guidance about your situation or question. They don’t try to pressure you into ever-more-expensive follow-up services, though of course they wouldn’t mind making you into a long-term, satisfied client.

Listen to your intuition. If you have a funny feeling that something is wrong, move on. A psychic may not always give you good news or tell you what you want to hear, but you should always feel good about using them and confident about doing so. You should always feel as though your future is in your hands, and that the psychic is arming you with the information you need to make the best future you can get.

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    Our family is having a get together in Palm Beach, FL. Do you know of any local psychics that would come to a dinner party for readings?


  2. I don’t know anyone to consult with but a few years back, I have seen a white wolf twice but different times. I don’t know why nor what it means. Also, I had predicted three deaths of people I knew before they passed away. I never told anyone until after the deaths of two of my friends. Again, I have this feeling of someone else I know who will pass away soon, but I don’t know the exact date nor year. So, could you help me or direct me to someone who can help me understand what’s going on. Thanks and much appreciated.

  3. Hello I dont know how to choose a good phyic. But I would like to know if my two month old daughter was my husbands biological child. Last year my two month old daughter was mueder by a man that I had an affair with. My husband and I are back together and are grieveing toegther we would like some closer mainly me of course.

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