What Is Your Karmic Debt Number?

What Is Your Karmic Debt Number?

One of the numbers that a skilled numerologist will often generate for you is the karmic debt number. Each lifetime is meant to be a learning experience, but sometimes we mess up our lessons during “life school.” When we calculate our karmic debt number we not only find out the issues we desperately need to overcome for the health of our soul, but we also learn the reasons why some issues may be bothering you or plaguing you again and again as you go through the days of your life.

How the Karmic Debt Number is Calculated

Your name will inevitably wind up missing some numbers. In numerology, of course, most numbers are reduced down to 0-9: so any number between 0 and 9 that is not in your name is a “karmic debt” number. Those numbers are treated individually in that the numerologist looks at each number that is missing to gain a portion of the picture, but they are also added back together to produce an overall number that draws the arc of the karmic debt together into a cohesive whole.

Some numerologists take a different approach, looking for the numbers 13, 14, 16 or 19 anywhere in your spread (these numbers pop up before the numerologist reduces everything down). They also take note of where the numbers appear as karmic debt numbers in any given part of your chart will impact that portion of your chart, from your life purpose number to your hidden passions. That will have a role in how your karmic debt plays out in your day to day life.

Do I Have to Have Karmic Debt?

If you’re here, on earth, you have some karmic debt. Those who have expelled all of their karma are assumed to have gone on to a different phase of existence, though we can never know for sure, in this earthly lifetime, what having no karma is like. However you should not read your karmic debt number with a sense of guilt or dread. Karma can be about things that you did in other lives that were “bad” or “wrong”, but they can also just be unresolved issues that are plaguing you. You can’t really speculate on how you acquired the debt as there is simply no way of knowing and it’s not entirely important.

We are relieved of the burden of knowing and rehashing all of our past lives for very good reasons, after all. On the flip side you should not assume that your karmic debt number encompasses every ounce of the karma you have to deal with. You can, however, make an effort to proactively tackle these issues as you move forward, which will help you create a more abundant life in the long run.

How a Karmic Debt Number Might Play Out

Someone with a Karmic Debt number of 9, for example, might be deeply insecure and beset by an attitude of fear. This person may also struggle with possessiveness. It might be difficult to enter close relationships. This number also indicates a certain discomfort with following society’s rules, or tradition for tradition’s sake. It’s not all about your “deficiencies” as a person, you see: it can be far deeper than that.

Using Karmic Debt Readings

A skilled psychic can help you take advantage of this knowledge by articulating the qualities you need to foster in order to overcome the debt and learn the missed lesson. This can help the circumstances of your debt become less imposing because you will be in a position to handle them in a much healthier way.

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