3 Ways To Know If Your Psychic Is Legitimate

3 Ways To Know If Your Psychic Is Legitimate

Many people are wary of psychics, but this is often due to bad experiences or even a lack of any experience at all. This conception is not always fair. There are some very legitimate psychics out there, and they can make a big difference in your life. Telling the difference between real and fake psychics is hard for most people, so here are three things to remember that will make the search for a legitimate psychic a little easier.

Legitimate Psychics Run a Business: They Take Themselves Seriously

This is a pretty simple way to tell if a psychic is legitimate. If they take themselves seriously, and consider what they do to be providing a service, it’s much more likely that they’re legitimate. This means that they’ll advertise somehow, whether through ads in the newspaper or online, or even just handing out business cards and asking people to spread the word.

They will also have everything that’s required for a psychic reading, including a space in which they do the reading, and will not require extra money from you in order to get equipment. Legitimate psychics will take themselves seriously and act responsibly when it comes to their abilities.

Ask For Recommendations and References

For people who are especially wary when it comes to psychics, it’s often best to ask for recommendations from friends and family that you trust before looking for a psychic on your own. This may not be a topic you’ve broached with friends before, but many people have seen psychics at some point, and oftentimes, they’ll be able to tell you whether or not a reading was good, and if they would recommend the psychic. If you can’t find a psychic through word of mouth, then make sure you ask the psychic for recommendations or references. Sure, people can always make up fake reviews for themselves, but it’s a good starting point. Also, be wary of psychics that have no bad reviews posted anywhere. Everybody has bad days, or people they don’t connect with very well. If something seems too good to be true, it probably is!

A Legitimate Psychic Will Help Ease Your Worries

If a psychic is legitimate, they will be willing to do things that will help to make you more comfortable. They do not want bad word of mouth, and they have dealt with suspicious clients before. Before seeing a psychic, you should ask them if you can tape the session, and also if they would be willing to let you bring along a friend to sit through your reading with you. Even if you do not particularly care about either of these things, ask anyway. If a psychic says no, they may have something to hide. Also make sure to ask whether you can get your money back if you’re unhappy with the session. Most legitimate psychics will be willing to compromise, and would rather their clients leave happy, rather than making a little extra money and receiving bad word of mouth.

So if you’re looking for a legitimate psychic, keep these tips in mind. When it comes to psychic readings, trust and credibility are everything.


  1. Hi Kelly,
    I am an intuitive, and I have tried several different psychic readers over the years.
    Sadly, many of them were so incorrect it was rather upsetting. Which can happen and that is why I take my readings to people very seriously.

    In my experience, I have noticed readers have not been able to read me…they are not accurate and usually a 18 minute reading can give you an idea as to whether or not they are picking up on the person they are reading or if they are dealing with residuals of their most recent reading.
    When I read, I take time to go and wash my hands, to eliminate the previous person I was open to, recite a prayer of cleansing and protection. I have had the Gift since I was a child…my father was also extremely intuitive, with no need for exterior sources, he would sit and just share.
    I have the same gift, but I have found that people are fearful of that ability, so i pull out tarot or ruins or coffee cup so they feel comfortable.
    A true testament to someone reading is when I have read a friend or family member, whom I know very well.
    When THEY are in awe…Ive channelled to their advantage.
    Accuracy is high, but as I keep saying, I am a vessel…I am not right, I am just lucky that I am able to get guidance and help you in the best way possible.
    Yes readings can have immediate results, BUT they are just as awesome 6 months from the date.
    Yes every reading is different, and its your treasure so I will not be remembering your reading, not meant to…but while I am in your energy, you might hear me affirm things that I have stated prior…its uncanny how wonderful the spirit works.
    You have a very informative blog, I hope people find the answers they are looking for…for me unfortunately, I have had readings for $25 through to $250 with a multitude of inaccuracies. I know they are not reading me when they tell me things that have NOTHING to do with me…it happens too often than not.
    To be clear, I am hoping to find someone who can read me. I am not able to read for me
    and discern properly for myself. When I am in theta waves for receiving guidance from spirit, when i come back down, I don’t remember a thing…lol
    Have an awesome night

    • I have a similar problem to you I was also born gifted passed down threw my family, I see things in dreams events that are close to happening I wish I could say they were good events but they never are. They are always about people that I don’t know so I can’t warn them. They are real I always here about the events on the news or radio to be frank they are dreams that involve murders, car crashes, rapes, a little girl being killed by a bus seeing the girls face asking me to tell her mummy she loves her. Seeing a woman walking down past a park and rapist waiting in the bush for her, seeing her threw his eyes not knowing her and not being able to warn her, hear about it on the news the next day and get a chill up my spine.

      I can be having a conversation with someone and next minute I see someone that I know is linked to that person. I too have tarot cards but I do not read from card readings I read from images I see as I look at them sometimes it is almost like someone else speaks threw me.

      I have been white lighting myself since I was a young child , I thought this was just something I had invented for myself I didnt even know there was spiritual writings on it till I was in my 40s and saw it online while researching some information. I have done readings for people since I was 16, I have mainly read for family members and friends. I have never charged for a reading and doubt I ever will I sometimes wonder if I am just plain crazy.

      The readings I give are NOT future readings they center more on you and whats going on around you, I dont ask people what they want to know I just tell them what I see and feel and hear. I have seen psyhics too gotten online readings etc and it is all very general and I am never happy with it.

      I want to develop further but I don’t know where to go and the places I have tried are not what I need they teach what already know or they are simply not real. If you want you can send me an email and I will try read you I would request just that you send a picture of yourself to help me connect it will be a free reading like I said I have never charged for readings I am simply offering to read for you if you wish me too, afterwards maybe you could tell me what you thought of the reading.

      I don’t read for just anyone I am a very private person, the reason I am offering to read for you is I came on this website trying to find the same answers as you I might not be able to answer my own questions but maybe I can help you with yours.

  2. Faye Ricci Crawford

    Hi, I just contacted a psychic in Ft. Myers, Florida, she said she had been in business 23 yrs, Her name is Julie, she gave me a reading for $50.00 and did hit upon some valid issues, then she told me my balance was off and she would align my chakras for $120.00, when she asked for extra money, it threw me off, she said she does not do rituals, but my thinking wasn’t right and the person I am interested in was closed off in his heart and we were going to meditate and find out why and then she would know his thoughts and how I could help heal me, she said that we were soul mates, but that I was the stronger and after we knew why he was closed off to love that we were destined to be “twin flames”. Help, I am confused!! Is this right? Sincerely, Faye Ricci Crawford

    • No it is not right. I believe if a ‘REAL’ psychic does charge a fee it would be a set fee if they are telling you they will do this or that for money then all they are doing is trying to swindle you out of your money.

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