How To Find Your Fate or Destiny

How To Find Your Fate or Destiny

“Why am I here?

“What’s in store for me?”

These are two of the questions that prompt many people to seek some sort of psychic reading. People want guidance for their biggest decisions, from the challenges they tackle to the careers that they explore. Destiny could encompass where you live or who you spend your life with.

First, Understand Fate

There is nobody standing on high decreeing that one person is the Chosen One who will move on to make a billion dollars while another person will end up going on to become a 90 year old bus driver because they couldn’t make enough to retire.

Nothing is so deeply set in stone.

“Fate” or “Destiny” are intersections of several different forces that are all acting at once.

The first forces would be the life lessons that your soul has come to Earth to learn or embrace. You can see a lot of these forces in your astrology chart as your astrology chart will show you the starting blueprint for these energies. These are also expressed in the lines of your palm. You made certain choices before you ever came here. Those choices determined which avenues would be available to you and which would not. For example, perhaps you were born unable to walk. You’re not likely to become a mainstream sports star. You may, however, have been born with incredible intelligence which allows you to solve complicated physics problems. Physics isn’t necessarily your destiny. You could just as easily go into chemistry, biology, computer programming, engineering, or any other discipline that relies heavily on the expression of the mind over the expression of the body. Your soul choices were made to uniquely and perfectly offer you the experiences you would need to learn the lessons you are here to learn as well as to help others learn certain lessons simply by virtue of being who you are.

The second force would be a set of physical choices. You’re set loose once you’re on earth. You can make any choices you want with all of the options that are ahead of you. Those choices intersect with the choices other people make when they encounter you. Those shared choices start to form a likely, even an inevitable, outcome. The Vikings expressed this concept by calling it “wyrd.” Things gain momentum and eventually become inevitable.

For example, perhaps you choose a girlfriend or a boyfriend who is emotionally needy. Then you choose to get caught up in other things: work, or a hobby. Or you go in expecting that you’ll change that person by teaching them to be more self-reliant. Those are your choices. Your girlfriend or boyfriend recognizes you’re trying, but doesn’t feel courageous enough to leave you. Yet he or she isn’t getting needs met. That person chooses to hurt you by having an affair and failing to tell you about it.

Those choices are probably going to collide at some point. The wyrd that you and your significant other have built together will more than likely mandate the end of that relationship. Or it will mandate a painful but ultimately uplifting lesson of healing and reconciliation. Either way, there will be consequences for each action that you and others take, for good or for ill. Some of those consequences will be the result of things you controlled. Some will be the result of things you didn’t control, but affected you anyway, because the earth is a shared place.

The third element of destiny would be your dreams or your desires. These are the things that you will need to do in order to feel truly satisfied with your life. They are the ways that you will most effectively make a difference. They flow from who you are, your higher self, the spiritual self that expresses through your physical body.

Thus, destiny or fate is more flexible than most people believe, as even dreams, desires, and spiritual needs can change over time and in response to circumstances and experiences that you face.

Destiny is not a Career

Many people confuse their life’s purpose with the career that they should be pursuing.

It’s true that a career can help you fulfill your life’s purpose, but you can also fulfill it in other ways. There are in fact many ways that you can fulfill a life’s purpose.

Perhaps, for example, your purpose revolves around teaching others. You could become a teacher, you could become a corporate trainer, or you could write a teaching book. You could also take a day job as a used car salesman while taking a weekend volunteer gig helping other people learn how to read. You’d be fulfilling your life’s purpose just as well.

It is true, however, that finding a career which resonates with your life’s purpose can help you be more successful in that career.

How a Psychic can help you Find Your Destiny

A psychic can help you identify the gifts that you’ve brought into this incarnation. He or she can help you identify what isn’t being expressed and what you need to do to fulfill and satisfy those gifts. When you express your gifts fully you will inevitably leave a positive impact on the world, and you can be said to be fulfilling your life’s purpose, or your destiny.

The psychic can also help you identify issues or problems that you are here to overcome, things that you are here to learn, and things that you are here to teach. That information can help you make better choices in the future.

Finally, the psychic can help you identify what choices are in your immediate future as well as helping you to see what is most likely to happen if you don’t change anything at all about your current life and circumstances.

This is different from “predicting the future” as much depends on how you act on the information that’s been presented to you. The next steps are always yours.

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