Is It Possible To Communicate With A Deceased Loved One?

Is It Possible To Communicate With A Deceased Loved One?

The topic of a deceased loved one is always hard because of attachment issues. Even though death may have occurred, those still living never want to be apart from their loved ones. As such, some people who have lost loved ones have resorted to the possibility of communicating with the dead, which is termed after-death communication – or ADC for short.

To communicate with a deceased loved one is always a risky business because you have to watch out for charlatans, and science has never proven that ADC works. But there are those who swear that ADC is a reality.

Sensing a Presence Is Communication

The After Death website believes that ADC is very real. According to its research, one of the ways you can communicate with a deceased loved one is through simply sensing a presence. Sensing a presence is actually the most usual form of contact with the dead. However, too many people apparently ignore these experiences by just attributing them to their imaginations! While you won’t be able to spot your loved one, you’ll still feel an unmistakable presence that their distinct spirit is near. This form of ADC is normally felt in the weeks and months right after a person’s death.

Hearing Voices Is Communication

Some folks believe that they actually can hear an audible and external voice talking to them, as if a living, breathing person was next to them. Still, most of the ADC communications that happen occur through telepathy, which is when you simply hear the voice of your loved one in your mind. Even things like 2-way communications can happen in this telepathic way. Believe it or not, through telepathy, it is entirely possible to actually have a real conversation, which makes hearing voices a precursor to a legitimate dialogue with a deceased loved one.

Feeling a Touch Is Communication

Too many people incorrectly think that feeling a touch does not count as communication with the dead, but it is. It is simply tactile communication. To communicate with the dead is not just limited to sensing their presence or hearing their voices! Feeling a touch is just as legitimate when it comes to communicating with your deceased loved ones. According to the After Death website, you could feel a loved one touch you with the hand or even by putting his arm around your shoulders. It is also entirely normal and plausible to feel hugs, caresses, kisses, strokes, pats and taps. After all, each of these forms is nurture, love and affection.

The short answer is yes. It is more than entirely possible to communicate with deceased loved ones. It is all just a matter of interpretation and knowing what you are experiencing! Death is not the end of the line, as all the above examples point out. Even from beyond the grave, it is completely possible for your deceased loved one to still try to get in touch with you. You just have to be very receptive to this and believe that it can actually happen.

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