How Do Angel Card Readings Work?

How Do Angel Card Readings Work?

Angel card readings are similar to tarot card readings. The basic principle is much the same: the psychic shuffles a deck of cards and the cards provide messages or guidance about problems, issues, or questions that the subject of the readings may have. However, the source of the guidance is somewhat different. A tarot card reader is looking to intuition or the sixth sense to gain answers to questions. An angel card reader is specifically asking for guidance from your angels or guides.

Due to the nature of the angel cards these readings are often more uplifting, positive, and gentle than standard tarot card readings. This does not mean, however, that angels can’t be very clear about issues and problems, nor does it mean that the angels won’t have specific advice about real actions that need to be taken in order to make improvements. Angels don’t always tell you what you want to hear, but they will always tell you what you need to hear!

The Process

An angel card psychic will usually start by blessing or anointing the cards. The psychic may ask the angels to communicate clearly through the cards on your behalf. It’s also possible that the psychic may ask you to clear your mind and offer up the same request or prayer.

Some psychics will work through pre-defined spreads. Others will just start pulling cards, laying them out until a gentle nudge from an angel or guide prompts them to stop.

The psychic then studies the message on each angel card. Usually the card will have multiple meanings or interpretations, so the psychic will need to rely on a connection with the angels to choose the right one and to understand exactly how it relates to the question that’s being asked.

Sometimes a card will stick out during the shuffling process. Many angel card readers will pull that card aside and read it as well since this is considered to be a sign that the angels are prompting the psychic to pay special attention to that card.

After the reading you and the psychic will thank the angels for their help. The cards will generally be stored in a special place, somewhere airy and light. It may be surrounded by angel statues or special crystals to honor the means of communication.

Regular Angelic Communications

If you are doing your own angel card readings then you can work with the angels every single day. Often the angels are eager to talk to you as it can be difficult for them to find ways to get information to you. Angels are here to help, but that doesn’t always mean we’re good at listening to them!

It is okay to ask the angels about issues that might strike you as mundane or physical. Angels are here to help you with your physical existence. You don’t need to feel obligated to restrict your questions to the realm of spiritual development. You can ask the angels for help with your love life, your career, and your money issues, just like you might ask a psychic. They are more than happy to help and can often give you new ways to think about the problems that are facing you.

If you don’t have an angelic card yet you can do a variation on the angel card reading by using angelic automatic writing. Simply write a question on a piece of paper. Then ask your angels to answer. Clear your mind and write whatever pops into your head. You’ll often be amazed at the amount of wisdom and guidance you can find. You can even do a full Q&A session with them!

Choosing an Angel Deck

There are many beautiful angel decks that will provide an excellent angel reading. You should consider several different decks before making your final decision. Choose the deck that you feel the most drawn to. Often, that feeling is your angels talking to you! If you don’t feel any particular intuitive draw you can go with a deck that delights you: something with a good look and feel. Any deck that inspires a feeling of love or pleasure inside of you will make a good communication outlet for you and your angels.

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