5 Ways to Improve the Energy of Your Aura

5 Ways to Improve the Energy of Your Aura

Have you ever walked past someone and got goose bumps for no reason? Have you ever spent time with someone, even for just a few moments, only to walk away feeling drained? Have you ever been depressed and lacking energy with no medical cause whatsoever? If you’ve experienced any of these feelings, you’ve experienced a corrupted aura. Luckily, there are a few things you can do to heal your energy and get back to a state of optimal physical, emotional, and spiritual health in no time at all.

Connect With Your Centre

Performing a daily grounding meditation is one of the best ways to clear your energy of other influences and regenerate yourself. Find a comfortable spot, preferably one that you’ve dedicated to the sole purpose of meditation, and quiet the mind through slow and steady breathing. When you’ve relaxed completely, visualize a cord growing out of the base of your spine and down into the earth. Allow a few moments to feel truly connected with your inner self while drawing solid, psychic strength from the earth into your body.

Get Outside

Children who spend a great deal of time outdoors have naturally vibrant auras that are gloriously free of negative influences. If you want to repair your aura in a hurry, head outside. The naturally restorative powers of the earth, the fresh air in your lungs, and the grass between your toes can swiftly heal your psychic self and allow you to reclaim some of your lost energy.

Get Some Sleep

In the same way our bodies need rest when we are ill, an aura clogged with negative energy needs peace to heal as well. Getting enough sleep is key to maintaining a healthy, energetic aura. Ideally, we should be able to sleep when we wish and awaken naturally in order to allow ourselves to catch up on missing rest. However, times have changed and that kind of freedom is rare. In order to get enough sleep, try to go to sleep earlier each day and allow yourself the freedom of a few natural wake ups during the weekend. Your aura and your body will thank you.

Just Say No To Stimulants

When we take stimulants, our body responds by kicking into overdrive. Our energy increases at a rapid rate as it responds to the chemicals we’ve ingested, and as a result, our aura is hard pressed to keep up. If the stimulants are excessive, our energy may burst forth at a rapid rate and result in damage to the aura. Sadly, a damaged aura leaves you wide open to negativity Try to reduce or even eliminate the amount of recreational stimulants you use, and see for yourself how a burst of natural energy can feel.

Go For a Soak

If all else fails, many healers and psychics recommend a restorative sea salt bath to help repair a lagging aura. Pour yourself a deep bath of warm or hot water, and add a half-cup of natural sea salts. Stay immersed for as long as you wish, but then stay relatively inactive for at least 6 hours afterwards. The aura takes time to heal, and ensuring that you are relaxed as it repairs itself will keep your own spikes of energy from disturbing the restorative process.

If you surround yourself with positive folk and enjoy a relatively stress-free life, chances are your aura (and your mind and body) are healthy and vibrant. However, if you happen to be in close proximity with negative people or are under a good deal of consistent stress, your aura can become weakened by the constant onslaught of bad energy. Repairing your aura is a simple and enjoyable process that can be done on a regular basis, and will ensure you’re getting the most out of your life.

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